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Do you want to work in an environment that supports your overall well-being and

professional growth, as you take a holistic approach to supporting others on their journey to

personal growth and mental wellness? Agent of Change may be a good fit for you.

Agent of Change, LLC, Mental Health Services and Recourses has significantly grown. We are

selecting excellent and enthusiastic Maryland LMSW, LPC's, LCSW-C’s, and LCPC’s, with the ability to be

empathetic, genuine, respectful with persons of all classes and psychological profiles, excellent

assessment and documentation skills, keen ability to establish rapports, and can effectively utilize

evidenced-based holistic approaches tailored for the individual, family, or couple that is culturally

appropriate and barrier-free.


Our work has been featured in Southern Maryland News (2020) “ Agent of Change continues

Mental Health Services amid Pandemic” (2020) and in Your Health Magazine (2022) “The Light is Not

Illuminated Enough”. Founder, Bertha L. White, LCSW-C, and Agent of Change, LLC are recognized,

by TOP Doctors Interviews (2022), as among the TOP mental health experts throughout the entire

Maryland region.


At Agent of Change, we recognize that therapist/counselors have experienced the pandemic and

changes in life just like everyone else, all while the demands for our services continues to rise and 

remain essential. We are offering 100% remote positions, as well as hybrid model, or all face-to-

face treatment in one of our lake view offices.


Working at Agent of Change means you receive the benefits of being in a private practice with

none of the administrative work nor isolation or risk that private practice can create. As a

Mental/Behavioral Health Professional you will make a difference in the community and in people’s




We will provide you the following support services so that you can focus solely on

psychotherapy sessions with your client.

  • Personalized Onboarding — From the very start, our Founder and Clinical Relations Team

meets with you to answer all your questions, record your schedule preferences and the

types of clients you wish to see — all to build your customized caseload that can be adapted

over time. They are your guide throughout the onboarding process and will help every step

of the way.

  • Live Training — You will receive all the support you need to feel comfortable using our

platform and EHR. You always have the ability to reconnect with your Training Specialist for

another walkthrough if needed.

  • Dedicated Team — Agent of Change understands why you’ve chosen a career in mental

health. That’s why we’re responsible for all the heavy-lifting. A coordinator will review

every new request for care, and then qualify it before booking a first session into your

calendar. Billing, co-pays, benefits, we’ve got that covered too. We want you to focus on

what matters most — helping people lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

  • Balanced Life and Reliable Income — One of the biggest benefits for our providers is the

flexibility of connecting with people from anywhere, at any time. You will be able to choose

your caseload and generate reliable income.

  • We will reimburse the cost of 6.25 CEUs with your certificate of completion

  • We will credential you with payors to ensure patients with insurances can receive your

  • help.

  • We will assign your clients so you don't need to do any marketing or recruit referrals.

  • We will schedule your clients and our support staff will use assertive engagement techniques to decrease no-shows on your schedule.

  • We will file claims for the clients you see, no need to access multiple provider networks to process claims.



  • LCSW-C and LCPC candidates are expected to have a minimum of one year of experience

  • the following licensure to practice fully independently.

  • Experience delivering competent mental health services to individuals and families experiencing varying difficulties due to life situations or mental health concerns.

  • Knowledge of and fidelity to behavioral and ethical standards of conduct as it relates to

  • professional mental health licensure.

  • Basic computer skill.

  • We are also selecting three (3) LMSWs and/or LCPs. These position are perfect for

  • anyone seeking professional development and Certified Clinical Supervision towards

  • Maryland clinical licensure.

  • Responsibilities of the LCSW-C and LCPC role

  • Inspire and support clients in their efforts to develop tools needed to create a healthier,

  • well- balanced life.

  • Empower clients to make changes consistent with healthier living using evidenced based,

  • holistic approaches tailored for each client.

  • Provide high quality, compassionate and ethical mental health therapy.

  • Completes initial evaluation, and develops treatment plan as appropriate.

  • Complete and maintain adequate records of therapeutic treatment plans and treatment

  • plan reviews, therapy sessions, and other contacts with clients and other providers as

  • needed.

  • Maintain required client contact.

  • Maintain good standing with the appropriate professional board entities.

  • Complete and maintain all required continuing education requirements for specific licensure

  • and specializations.

  • Stay current with updated research and best practices.

  • Be aware of community referral sources and refer when necessary.


If interested please contact via email at or with the subject line "THE CREDENTIAL APPLICATION."

NOTE: Agent of Change provides fair and equal employment opportunity for all applicants

regardless of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, pregnancy, sexual

orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, familial status, or disability.

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